The excellence

We are committed to the excellence of our partners and associates’ work. All lawyers are specialised in their respective fields and are led within their multidisciplinary teams by experienced partners. We are committed to achieving our clients’ goals and providing them with an effective and cost-efficient service.

A client’s unique relationship with the Firm

The comprehensive academic training and multicultural and multilingual background of our lawyers as well as the boutique nature of the Firm have combined to set in place longstanding and trustworthy relationships with its clients. The dedicated attention given to its business or organisation provides each Client with a professional, fluent and strictly confidential service. Our partners are particularly mindful of business confidentiality.

Cross sectors and external cooperation

The Firm provides advisory services across the main fields of commercial law as well as litigation assistance before the French courts and main international arbitration bodies including the International Chamber of Commerce and the Court of Arbitration for Sport. This large scope of expertise ensures that each Client is provided with an overall settlement of its operational and legal issues. For this purpose, the Firm regularly cooperates with a select group of accountants, auditors, brand and patent agents, notaries, real estate experts and university professors.

Sustainable Development

The Firm works closely with charity organisations and non-governmental organisations.

In a world where sustainable development and diversity is increasingly sought after, the Firm joined the “Global Compact”, a United Nations (UN) initiative launched in 1999 by former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan. By supporting the Global Compact, the Firm recognises the 10 fundamental values upheld by this agreement, in particular those relating to human rights, labour law, environmental law and anti-corruption measures (see further, (www.unglobalcompact.org).